...We're all just victims of a crime...
Reblog this if you’re suffering from an eating disorder, depression, aniexty , self harm, or you have attempted suicide, or just been bullied. Then wait for a message from me.<3


There is nothing left to lose. 

There is nothing to fight for. 

There is nothing to care about. 

There is no trust. 

There is no love. 

There is no joy. 

There is no happiness. 

I am the one. 

I am the one people leave. 

I am the one who should go to hell. 

I am the one that can’t cry. 

I am the one that can’t see any light.

i hate it when people joke about depression and self harm like its no big deal. you dont understand it until you feel it for yourself; not once but day after day after day. then come joking to me about it.
why do I have to be the way I am?


I’m so close to just giving up.

How the fuck do people have the nerve to call self harm selfish? Do you think people get up one day and think “hey I’m gonna slice my skin open because it’s so fun!” No. It’s a MENTAL ILLNESS. Do you know half the thoughts going on inside of our minds? No, so think before you speak. You little ignorant fucks are what makes it worse.

"Pray to your god, open your heart
Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the dark
Cover your eyes, the devil inside”

- 30 Seconds To Mars - Night of the hunter

Cutting to remind yourself you’re alive.